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Understanding Full-Service Public Decoration

We provide systematic services fromregistration to decoration and to operation,covering more than20 different types,
and focus on the benefits of the startups and adjusting enterprises by our professional services.

Four Strengths of Fumake Full-Service Public Decoration

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Fumake Full-Service Decoration Service Process

Preparation Service
  • Company Registration

    Professional registration team customizes a peerfect office for you.

  • Trademark Registration

    Free inquiry and full refund if the registration is unsuccessful. With professional consultants.

  • Office Location

    Select the most satisfying location through analysis of people flow.

  • Enterprise Planning

    Professional enterprise planning team tailors you an exclusive image

Decoration Service
  • Quick Measurement

    Unique house measurer in 10 Minutes and generates plans on Cloud

  • Quick Design

    The plan generated on Cloud and result in a 720° panoramic effect drawing.

  • Quick Budget

    Budget list will be given with a simple click, you can manage it on line to increase or decrease it.

  • Surface Decoration

    All staffs are from our own company and there is no subcontract.

  • Interior Design

    Add vigor to staffs by the use of plants, curtains, decorations and culture walls.

Supporting Service
  • Access Control System

    We provide access control, monitoring,company operator/extension, and printer leasing etc.

  • Air Qualtiy Testing

    Professional testing of indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde/benzene/TVOC.

  • After Service

    We provide you with 2-year guarantee and life-long repair service.

  • Cleaning Service

    Temporary、monthly、 fixed Cleaner. We use environmental friendly cleaning products.

  • Sencondary Recovery

    Provide sencodary recovery service which will save you a lot of time and energy.

  • Demolition Service

    We can give back the original look of the office with our demolition service.

Fumake full-service public decoration service starts from the order, and has realized company registration, trademark registration, site selection, leasing, corporate image planning, quick measurement, quotation, effect drawing ,green plant,interior design, IT services, recycling, maintenance, quality assurance, and even geomancy etc.We omit series of links that waste time and energy and shorten operation cycle greatly by integration of industrial chain resources and improvement of resource efficiency as well as abilty of suppliers.

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